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Hamer candy nourishing essence associated with nutrition and health candy Malaysia imported hamer chocolate energy candy price 35 boxes 2500
After 12-15 years of research and development, Hamer sweets is mainly composed of Cynomorium plus Ginseng. Its major side effects are tonicing yg (which can treat impotence in addition to back pain), building up muscle tissue and bones, qi and blood.

Blood insufficiency congestion, sweat horse strength sugars is very efficient in stalling the maturing process due to quick supplementing of human cell diet, and has turn into the cell nutrition item of choice to get runners for several years.

Hamer candies was developed simply by the Sino-USA Collaboration Engineering research and development product in the United Areas. A total of tough luck, 500 people participated from the development. 必利勁 It has recently been developed for 15 many years. As confirmed
This is definitely very effective in quickly replenishing human cellular nutrition and delaying the ageing process. Consequently , the formulation is listed as a patented intellectual property correct, which has come to be the particular cell nutrition product of choice for sportsmen for various years.

Effect of Hamer’s power sugar:
aphrodisiac and kidney: The main ingredient of sweaty energy sugar can be Cynomorium. Constipation (usually arises in old age
Energetic: Improve our real fitness and maintain a balanced in addition to happy existence. Amino acid health supplement via sweat horse electricity glucose, mainly during workout, this will quickly make your human body more sensitive
Quick plus powerful.

Nourish typically the body: sweat horse power sugar is made up of Cynomorium polysaccharide, rich in twelve amino acids, triterpenoid saponins, healthy glucocorticoids, 23 trace aspects and various antioxidants. Could reduce HIV, lower blood vessels pressure in addition to improve bloodstream
Fluid circulation.

Hamer Ginseng Java Chocolate:
One: Often the preferred cell eating routine product
Hamercandy is a meals that quickly replenishes power when training for sportsmen, successfully improving the anxious method, strengthening explosive energy, reducing fatigue, improving coaching and competition performance. Hormone-free european medicine
And suspended materials, which are inside line with the demands in the contestants.

2: Distinctive formula Hamercandy is designed
by precious plant Cynomorium herb, ginsenoside, hydrolyzed necessary protein (peptide) and maltose. It can easily inhibit free radicals together with damage cells around the body system, and can easily supplement cell nutrition
Encourage amino acid activity health proteins, regulate cell function.

Two to three: The laboratory report and enable
obtained “ALS Lab Class (Singapore) Laboratory Report: Will not include aphrodisiac or banned ingredients”, “Halal Product Certificate”, “Ministry of Health Foods Security and Quality Control Document. This product is definitely categorised as
Food really does not really require a ZEICHEN number license.
[Main ingredients]: Cynomorium, ginseng, brown sugars, java, enzymes, malt, pomegranate, health proteins
[How to take]: Take one (containing hua) for 2 to 3 or more times. Take on a empty stomach or maybe ahead of sleeping (if it really is taken after meals, it is suggested in order to take every 2 to be able to 3 hours).

Hamer’s Marshmallow Q plus A:
just one. Is Hamer’s Marshmallow some sort of natural food? Usefulness connected with sweat horse sugars, part effects of hamer sweet?
Hamer is a pure organic healthy food that enhances durability and defines long-lasting without any section effects.

2. The way safe is Hamer to restore and maintain the major organs of the human body?
Hamer is safe because Hamer uses only foodstuff. After testing, this solution is without toxicity, no side consequences, and does not contain any stimulant medications, western medicine or restricted ingredients.

3. Is anyone ideal for taking Hamer?
That product is rather safe. Nevertheless, for basic safety reasons, kids, pregnant ladies and breastfeeding your baby women are usually contraindicated. Persons with intense diseases (such as liver in addition to kidney disease, cancer people, heart disease) are not encouraged.

4. What to carry out if a good child unexpectedly takes Hamer?
It won’t matter, because this item is risk-free and non-toxic, don’t stress about it after taking it by blunder, just drink a lot of liquid, no special treatment is necessary.

5. Can I have it for the number of years?
can. Because the body cells have to absorb adequate nutrients all the time to maintain energy.

6. Do you know the constructive side effects to getting Hamer?
Hamer can increase cellular fatigue, smooth blood circulation and become energetic. In improvement, it can make muscle tissues more snello, increase bodily strength and endurance, together with increase the good quality involving intercourse.

7. Is the idea dependent on taking Hamer?
No, there is no dependence on long-term eating. Hamer is to nourish and maintain the entire body.

8. May Hamer end up being taken with other items?
Ordinary nutritional products can turn out to be eaten together. If it is for prescription drug products, it is advised to stop and definitely not try to eat together.

9. Precisely how to get Hamer?
A single capsule day-to-day. Take the idea on an clear stomach after getting up to get better results. The very first time users sees the particular effect within one few days. It truly is encouraged to ingest more liquid after using Hamer.

ten. Can We drink alcoholic beverages together with Hamer?
Drink at least 2 hours later, just the particular right volume, don’t acquire drunk.

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